Listen On-Line

We are so inundated with "apps" in our life today. The best "app" for us is the Bible-God's Word.
God has given us time to share His love - Use it wisely! 


April 18, 2021
Wayne shares on the current state of the church. Before he delivered the Word for today he ministered the word on and served Communion.

Identity Theft

April 11, 2021
Satan wants to steal who you are in Christ! (audio stops @ approx 43 min recording problems)

Palm Sunday Message

March 28, 2021
Jesus' final entrance into Jerusalem for all of us. 

Satan Wants Your Identity

March 21, 2021
Don't let Satan steal your identity that God has put in you.
Let's be the church we are to be in the days we are living in. It's not us but Christ in us...

Your Able With Christ-

March 7, 2021
We (You) are complete when we (You) have Christ as our (Your) Lord & Savior-

Are You Full?

February 28, 2021
We read that God filled His son (Jesus) without measure. Which we understand to be a boundless filling. Everything Jesus needed He had at His disposal. We too have that…
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