Listen On-Line

Listen in as we have a "table discussion" focused on the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - On Trinity Sunday!!! Pastor Tim & Bro John Francis
We held a table conversation between Pastor Tim & Bro John Francis discussing the day of Pentecost. 
WOW to have your faith being noticed around the world, as Paul shared
It is so important for us to be active in our walk with Christ & be doers of His Word! 
Jesus' peace is not like the worlds peace.  There is a big difference. 
Salvation for the Jew first then for the Gentile, Thank You Lord!!
Continue to share about the cross. It is the power of God!

Resurrection Day

April 9, 2023
He has risen! Now that's something to give a shout out for the Christian!
Listen in as Bro. John Francis & Pastor Tim share regarding Jesus' final entry into Jerusalem.

Dust Off The Altar

March 26, 2023
Let's get back to the altar.
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