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God works to completion what He starts, whether in ministries or in individuals!
God's Word will sift you and it will remove the "lumps" in you. His Word is living & effective. Let it help you.
We can only attain the level of God in our lives that we allow Him into!

We are holy because He is Holy

September 5, 2021
God is Holy and as followers of Jesus we too become holy through that of the Holy Spirit living in us. We need our lives to reflect this.
A life of tasting and seeing that the Lord is good. We need this type of relationship with God!
This peace comes from Jesus and will help you stand strong.
Nehemiah and the Jewish people were mocked for rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. But that didn't stop them. 
As long as we have strength in our bodies and breath in our lungs we have things to do for God!
Bro Doug shares on his recent mission trip to Pine Ridge Reservation SD to minister to Our Native Americans. He videoed several Testimonials from the people from the Reservation.  
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