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Peace Jesus said He leaves for us, but not as the world gives. There's a big difference.....

Proclaim Victory

November 29, 2020
A powerful message for the time we live.
How exciting that God knows the plans for our lives. He gives us a future and a hope...don't miss it!!

Preparing Paths For God

November 15, 2020
Let's look at one of the ways we can help prepare the path's for God.
Doug shares on the ministry that God opened up to him. Listen to the challenges he had and how God Showed up in each case!!
It's vital for us to do the same as what John the Baptist did, proclaim He's coming, prepare the people to receive Him.

Prepare His Paths

October 25, 2020
We too need to be proclaiming what John spoke - Make the paths of the Lord straight!
We are commanded to do these-