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It's vital for us to do the same as what John the Baptist did, proclaim He's coming, prepare the people to receive Him.

Prepare His Paths

October 25, 2020
We too need to be proclaiming what John spoke - Make the paths of the Lord straight!
We are commanded to do these-

Jesus’ Yoke Is What You Want

September 27, 2020

You are NOT of the World

September 20, 2020

Looking at what Jesus shared about obedience as well as looking into the book of Jonah. When God ask us to do something don't run from Him or the task. …

Hearing God & Obeying

September 6, 2020
Obedience is instant, no questions asked, It may cost, done with the right heart....
The message continues regarding being "obedient" to God with our lives.