To Survive Is Good ~ To Thrive Is Better ~ With GOD 

 Let God  Be A Bigger Part Of Your Days! 

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YouVersion Promo MaterialsAs we each go through life we find how easy it is to get caught up with the “daily grind of life”. We find many times that we have strayed from our relationship with God. This has happened for several reasons – our careers, family life, friends, recreational interest, hobbies the list goes on and on. 

We then realize there’s something missing and we desire to rekindle that relationship we once had with God. Harvesters Church would like to help you re-connect to God and help you begin to rebuild that relationship. Maybe you’ve never had that relationship with God. If that’s the case we would love to help you reconcile yourself back to God through His Son Jesus Christ.

                We’d love to help you “connect” or “reconnect” with God.  Join us any Sunday we’d be honored with your presence. 

 Harvesters Church 

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Ministry To Our Community Since Oct. 1983