Our History

The Year was 1983 and Pastor Dave and Deanna Hoblit were in Southern Missouri and felt the Lord give them directions to “…go to Rock County in Wisconsin and build a church to minister to hurting people….”  Being obedient to the Lord Pastor Hoblit and Deanna moved to the Beloit/Janesville area in September of 1983. Believers Faith Fellowship church was opened early October of 1983. They meet in a conference room at a local business. From there they moved to the community room in the basement of a local bank. After just a short time at the bank the next move brought the congregation to a vacant former Janesville public school building.  The church eventually bought the building. Around the year 2000 God spoke to Pastor Hoblit regarding  the name of the church. Believers Faith Fellowship became “HARVESTERS CHURCH of Rock County.”

Pastor Dave and Deanna Hoblit have served the Lord for over 35 years with 23 of those as Senior Pastors at HARVESTERS CHURCH of Rock County. They announced their retirement from full time pastorate of the church July 2006. Pastor Dave and Deanna Hoblit have returned to southern Missouri following God’s leading. Pastor Dave & Deanna have retired from traveling ministry at the beginning of 2022. They do help and serve their home church when their help is requested.

Harvesters Church of Rock County announces change of Senior Pastors.

 In 1998, Pastor Tim left his position as part of the management team of Wal-Mart to follow God’s direction in his life. He began serving Pastor Hoblit in whatever capacity Pastor Hoblit needed. Pastor Tim enrolled in the correspondence courses offered through Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Ok. Recognizing the call of God on his life Pastor Tim was ordained as a minister of the Gospel in 2001and began serving as the Associate Pastor with Pastor Hoblit. In July of 2006 Pastor Tim and Deen Hartley were appointed as Senior Pastors. 

Pastor Tim is also a member of the Chaplain Corps for the Janesville Police Dept. and has served the dept. since 2009. He is also a member of the “ICPC” International Conference Police Chaplains organization. He has training  in “CISM” (Critical Incident Stress Management) for defusing’s & debriefings. He is also a member of the Rock County “CIRT”  (Critical Incident Response Team). He is also a member of Wisconsin’s state wide “WILE Law Enforcement” Guardian App. to help Officers work through critical job stress that they may experience.

Pastor Tim  has been a part of a local pastor’s group that meets weekly in Janesville. The Pastor’s use this time to build relationships between the group and enjoy a cup of coffee. They also will pray for various needs that are mentioned as well during this time.