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Jesus Help My Unbelief

September 3, 2023
Anyone of us at one time or another may/have unbelief regarding a time with God.

God’s Filter For Us

August 27, 2023
We must filter all that we hear and read from the world through God's filter. That being His Word (Scripture), & having the Holy Spirit actively in our lives.

Being Desensitized

August 20, 2023
Don't let the world continue to desensitize you to what is happening. We need to stay strong with God and what He speaks...
God tells the Jewish people they were a special treasure above all the people on the face of the earth! That holds true for us today as well that have…
Cleansed from our past we then become "set-apart/sanctified" for our God!

Boast in The Cross

July 30, 2023
Let us continue on today as Paul shared in Galatians regarding the cross.

No Sleeping On The Job!

July 23, 2023
We are to remain alert and be the "watchman" for those around us.

Joy Comes In The Morning

July 16, 2023
Let's grab hold of God's Word and let it be active in our lives. 
The way we will overcome tribulations will be from our "pressing" into God and His Word. 
We gain much from God when we "press in" by reading His Word and taking time talking (praying) to Him.
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