Listen On-Line

Jesus shares in John that He has overcome the world. With Jesus on your side you have also!
Our need to remain in Jesus so He helps us through this life.
Take time to notice the beauty of Gods creation and seeing His perfectness in all of it.
The church (the people) are to be a help & support to one another.
Doug shares on his recent mission trip along the "Trail of Tears".
Parables are important to understand and grasp what Jesus' teachings encompassed.
What can be learned from hearing and understanding Jesus through His parables. 
Look to the New Year 2023 as God giving you a "do over" but better!
Paul shares on praying often, be alert and be thankful always. This is for us as well in our daily situations.
If you focus on the things going on around you here, your not focusing on things above. 
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