Listen On-Line

Pastor talks about the importance of the church and its function outside the four walls.

God is light

July 13, 2014
Pastor shares on the light of God in us.

Are you the salt?

July 7, 2014

Characteristics of God

June 22, 2014
Pastor shares on the characteristics of our Triune God.

Fathers Day

June 15, 2014
Pastor delivers motivating Fathers Day message.
TJ shares on the similarities in God's promise for Samson (Judges 13) and the children of Israel (Jeremiah 29).

God’s bundle

June 1, 2014
Pastor shares with us the ultimate bundle, and its not TV, internet and phone.
Pastor shares a Memorial day message.
Pastor teaches on how creation declares God's glory and the importance of declaring the goodness of God.


April 27, 2014
Pastor share on prayer and the upcoming National Day of Prayer.