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We look at the areas of our lives where sacrifice can begin to become that "living sacrifice" God's Word tells us to become.

Areas Of Sacrifice

September 9, 2018
What are some areas that we need to look at and become that living stone?

Becoming a Living Sacrifice

September 2, 2018
Are we becoming a "living sacrifice" and honoring God with our lives?

God Will Sustain You

August 26, 2018

We should be living a renewed life once we asked Jesus into our hearts. It's through the process of renewal that we live a changed life. Following more of God…

What Not To Lean On

August 12, 2018
We think our understanding will get us through life. God's Word tells us something different. He says to "Trust Him with ALL your heart, Lean Not on your own understanding,…
How many of us have wondered what God wants from us? He ask from us the same things that He wanted from the Israelites. No more no less.

Dwelling Place

July 29, 2018

Will You Turn Back?

July 15, 2018
In John 6:60 we read that when some disciples didn't understand what Jesus was saying- they said "it's a hard saying, who can understand it. In verse 66 many disciples…

Draw Close To God

July 8, 2018