Founding Pastor Dave & Deanna Hoblit (left) Current Pastor Tim & Deen Hartley (right)

Pastor Dave Hoblit was born in Northern Wyoming. A Bible that was placed in a motel room in Boulder CO. by the Gideon’s brought him to the place of receiving the Lord into his life. Within two years of this life changing event Dave was supernaturally called into the ministry. The Lord called Dave & Deanna to Southern Missouri during the early years of their ministry. In the fall of 1983 they followed the Lords leading to go to Janesville, WI to plant a church and to let people know “Jesus loves them and He will heal your hurts”. The church remains to this day first called “Believers Faith Fellowship” and now “Harvesters Church of Rock County.” After serving as a church planter and Pastor/Teacher for over 40 years, he and his wife Deanna live in Greenfield, MO. They continue to serve the Lord.