Listen On-Line

Pastor continues teaching us on hearing God's voice above the chatter.

iron sharpens Iron

March 16, 2014
Leadership speaks on conference that was attended.
Pastor continues his discussion on hearing God's voice and how fear in our lives can limit our access and ability to trust Him.

Our Identity

March 2, 2014
Pastor talks on identity and how we view and think of ourselves.

God’s Voice Pt. 4

February 23, 2014
Pastor continues teaching on hearing Go'd voice

Tune in to God

February 16, 2014
Pastor continues teaching on hearing God's voice above all others.
Pastor continues his teaching on hearing God's voice.
Pastor begins a study on how our mind can get clogged with so many thoughts and imaginations that we sometimes miss what God is saying or directing us to do.

God’s will

January 26, 2014
Pastor shares what God has to say about His will for our lives.
Pastor breaks down the weapons we have from God and how we're to use them.