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Be Still And Know 10/20/2013

October 20, 2013
Pastor discusses how infinite God is. In comparison that we are "finite" limited and will hinder God's working in our lives if we're not still and allow Him to do…

Hebrews 5

October 13, 2013
Pastor wraps up his teaching on Faith.

Hebrews 4

October 6, 2013
Pastor continues his lecture on Hebrews and our faith


September 29, 2013
TJ shares a lesson in belief.

Hebrews 3

September 22, 2013
Pastor continues his study on faith in Hebrews and examines Matthew chapter 8.


September 15, 2013
Pastor begins the faith Chapter in Hebrews but first discusses John Chapter 11

Hebrews 2

September 8, 2013
Pastor continues our study in Hebrews
TJ share's on the similarity between what God spoke over Samson's life and the children of Israel in Babylon.
TJ encourages us with God's plan.
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